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About People Business

  • We support national and international companies, who want to improve their organisation and projects with the best suitable staff on a temporary basis
  • We are specialised in providing our clients high qualified IT staff within a short term period
    Why People Business

    Process for Candidates

    • Apply for a position
    • Send us your word CV
    • We prove your CV and provide you with feedback
    • Next step should be an interview with the customer by interest
    • By success we start the "administrative" onboarding

      Process for Companies

      • You need temporary IT staff for your projects
      • Send us your requirements
      • We provide you suitable candidates within 48 hours
      • You select the proposed candidate
      • We do the "administrative" onboarding

      Why People Business

      People Business AG is a renowned IT recruitment agency headquartered in Zurich. We support international companies who want to efficiently create an organization with the best educated and experienced employees.
      We are specialized in providing our clients with highly qualified specialists in the field of information technology within a short period of time.

      People Business AG holds a license for staffing contractors in Switzerland and as well as abroad people. We have the ability to access our international network in order to successfully assist our customers in filling the required resources with the best available specialists.

      People Business AG is the right partner when it comes to all areas of information technology. We assist our customers in starting new projects, time critical projects to end and projects on the verge of failure to save. Because of that we provide IT specialists with the required knowledge, experience and competence so that they are productive on their first day.


      PBiz Signet


      We are proud to introduce our new People Business signet.

      ISO 9001:2008


      Our quality assurance was once more confirmed by SGS. We are proud to announce the ongoing ISO 9001:2008 certification.

      Time is Money


      People Business AG (PBiz) started its business operations January 1st, 2013. While it is often said that the business of temporary staffing is relatively simple, I’d say that assumption is off by a long shot, there are many regulations, a collective employment agreement for temporary staffing, different processes, different forms of communication, different collaboration models and much more.

      Temporary staffing can be primarily understood as a triangular relationship: PBiz, the customer and the freelancer.

      In temporary staffing there is no subcontracting allowed. This means that the employee who is working for a customer must always be employed by and have an employment contract with that company, which also has a direct contractual relationship with the customer.

      The typical work week of a recruiting consultant


      The typical work week for a recruiter within the IT sector can be viewed as a fun-filled roller-coaster ride traversing many peaks and valleys on the way to its final destination, which is exactly where it started. As with anything that exhibits cyclic properties, the beginning and end are one in the same. The same can be thought of when it comes to what is now termed 360 degree recruitment.
      Recruiting in todays fast-paced technological market requires defined processes that, when followed, should ensure success in recruitment. The following steps best outline the recruitment cycle which dictates our weekly work flow.

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